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At Northern Mortgage, we’ve rooted ourselves in a culture of care and love. We are a family—an ever-growing family. After 20+ years in business, we’ve stayed true to this synergy, constantly seeking to add to it. We are not ‘just another mortgage company.’ WE ARE NORTHERN!

The biggest reason I came to Northern Mortgage after a decade with a previous company was the caring nature of the people throughout the compnay. These folks will bend over backwards to make sure you are properly taken care of. There is no problem that can't come to a reasonable solution through mutual effort and their goal is always to hlep you achieve and excel.
Todd F.
Branch Manager / Agawam, MA
I have 23 years of experience in the industry both brokering and as a branch manager. In our industry, there is no substitute for customer service. I have never received the level of customer from any other company as I have with Northern Mortgage. In a time when customer service is secondary to rates or programs, I have always felt that my problems or situations would be worked through and addressed in a timely manner. I feel like I'm part of the team and because of that, am able to extend the same level of customer service to my clients. That is an empowering ability.
Bill H.
Branch Manager / Dayton, OH
I love our in house departments! Our underwriters, processors and closers rock! Real people with real solutions!
Susie B.
Loan Officer / Grandville, MI
While I enjoy owning my own busines, joining the Northern family was the right call. We have something different that most don’t; like a family, we are in it together and everyone cares about your success. Everyone is willing to share and help each other succeed. We are big enough to be competitive, but small enough where we are able to work as a team and give personal service to our customers— something our competitors cannot match.
Jim Y.
Branch Manager / Hastings, MI
The people at Northern have become my friends whom I found I could count on in the mortgage industry. It's not very common that you can become friends in a corporate setting. The ability to become an asset for a mortgage company is exciting for me. As the company and my team grows, there is a spirit of excitement to get to the next level. The ability to make more money through many different ways other than just basis points is extremely valuable. Don’t get me wrong, basis points are extremely important, but the ability to be creative and to match interest rates against competitors allows me to compete stronger than before. Thus it allows me to close more deals! The corporate staff is absolutely professional, timely, and easy to work with. This really is helpful during the loan process and underwriting phase to help me close more and more loans. Great support allows me to spend more time selling.
Sam B.
Branch Manager / Nashville, TN
I’ve worked at a few different companies during my time in the mortgage business and Northern Mortgage tops them all. Everyone that works here is excellent at what they do and also great to work with. The support staff is excellent as everyone is on the same team. Tim Enbody is a great resource for advice and helping with any issues that arise, and if he doesn’t know the answer to something he will look into it right away. I’d recommend Northern to anyone looking to make a move.
Anthony G.
Loan Officer / Walker, MI
We knew Tim from a previous company that we worked at and when we were ready to get back into the mortgage business, we called Tim to see what he was doing and who he was working for. Tim not only told us about all the many reasons to join Northern Mortgage, he spent 2 days with us showing us the corporate office, introducing us to the corporate staff and also visiting some of the current branches. Everyone we met received us with open arms and made us feel like we were already a part of the family. They were ready to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of this great business. Unlike our experience with the previous company, Northern’s corporate staff does care about getting your loan done. From Pava to Teri to Processors to Underwriters to Closing Department…top to bottom…Everyone is a member of YOUR team to take your loan from start to finish with their professionalism and the attitude to find a way to get it done. It is good to work with a company that has your back. You are not alone. There is so much to know in this business and when you need help setting up a loan or have a question about a program, we have the resources to count on to get us the answers we need.
Diana M.
Loan Officer / Kansas City, MO
Northern brought me in from a different company years ago, but I had to leave the industry temporarily to focus on my personal life. When the time came to consider getting back in the Mortgage Business, Tim Enbody was the first person I contacted. In that first conversation, I could see that Tim's ethusiasm about Northern Mortgage was Night & Day different than my previous company. I flew out to Northern Mortgage's corporate office TWICE & met the corporate staff & company leaders, as well as other Branch Managers. Each time confirming further how Tim had described the company and its culture. I've now been with Northern Mortgage for almost 1.5 years & I can tell you: the entire staff has been nothing but the MOST Helpful in all areas of our business, which allows me to focus on my business more than ever before! With the Northern Mortgage staff & their branch managers, we are never by ourselves! We are all truly partners in success, working in the same direction!
Rick H.
Branch Manager / Kansas City, MO
I have been a Mortgage Loan Officer for Northern Mortgage for almost 27 years. I sold Real Estate for 6 years prior to going into lending. I love being a part of the team at Northern Mortgage! As someone who has been on all sides of the table as a consumer, Real Estate Sales Associate, and/or a lender, I appreciate our in-house compliance, processing, underwriting and closing departments so much! I believe that our teamwork and personal care for our clients sets us apart from our competitors; we are not just an ‘online’ or ‘quick’ lender – we put our client’s interest first!
Pat H.
Senior Loan Officer / Grandville, MI
I have been with Northern Mortgage for a while now and I have to say it is the best team I have ever worked with!! Every single person I work with is always very helpful and professional. As everyone knows, issues arise from time to time in any business, but Northern ALWAYS steps up to help with any situation. From the front desk to the president, there is no other company I would rather work for. I look forward to the furture growth in my career here, as this is the place to be for success and true teamwork!
Aaron L.
Loan Officer / Kansas City, MO
Northern is a great and close bunch of people that treats everyone like family. I came here 3.5 years ago it's the longest I have been with any company in 14.5 years in the business. In summation you will never get more caring, honest and hard working people in a mortgage company anywhere!
Barry S.
Branch Manager / Boca Raton, FL
I approached Northern four years before actually joining. I'm not known for making sudden moves anywhere, and I do my research in great detail. I asked tons of questions over those 4 years to make sure this was the correct move; they were more than helpful and eager to answer with detailed responses. I had been with my last lender for over 10 years, and when I made the transition, my only regret was that I didn't do it sooner! Northern is very professional and always willing to help others even during busy times. Plus, Northern has offered the avenue I needed to take my career to the next level to close MORE loans with a more efficient process. Last, Northern is patient, kind, easy to work with, and their values and core beliefs are amazing. They are an icon in the mortgage industry.
Nick V.
Branch Manager / Grand Rapids, MI
The company that we worked with before Northern was the reason I took a 6 month hiatus from the business. They had a “silo” mentality where everybody wanted you to know how important THEY were and they were doing you a favor instead of WORKING TOGETHER to get loans closed. Northern is just opposite; it's their common goal to close loans. Everyone is friendly and helpful and I have really enjoyed my time at Northern and I look forward to many more years.
Russ P.
Loan Officer / Agawam, MA
I joined Northern Mortgage over two years ago. Trust, quality, and service are front and center in their business. They never let me or any of my clients down, and all of my loans have closed on time.
Mark G.
Loan Officer / Boca Raton, FL
There are many reasons as to why we chose to work with Northern Mortgage. First of all we had a personal relationship with most everyone on their staff and knew they would honor their word. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve called after hours to get critical information to pass along to our staff & spheres of influences. Another point of contention are the teaser interest rates & what that means is other company’s send out their best interest rates when they’re trying to get us to work with them only to slowly raise the rates over time to take more of our money. I’ve called several Branch Managers over the past 2 years & our pricing is exactly the same so the consistency is there along with great pricing. Anyone can send out good pricing, however, if you can’t close on time you’ll never succeed in the mortgage industry. It’s the personal relationships that means the most at Northern and from that, it allows the sales department to be successful. Before coming to Northern, I lost 15 real estate brokers over the last 10 years due to them not closing on time or following through with the underwriter's promises. We decided to proceed to work with a company of character like Northern rather than chasing the money found in false promises elsewhere.
Johnathan T.
Branch Manager / Grand Rapids, MI


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